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Garden survey

We conduct a full garden survey and test the acidity of your soil to create a blueprint of your space, detailing what plants you have and how to care for them. You also get a seasonal diary of what jobs you should be doing in each season.​
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Here's how it would work:


1. I would come over at a time good for you. You can either be there so that you have the opportunity to talk about your garden and any specific problems you might have, or I can come by at any other time someone can let me into the garden. I will take pictures, draw a plan of your garden and take measurements so I can create a scaled plan of it.

2. I create the scaled plan of your garden and a full breakdown of all the plants in it and how you should care for them.

3. I write a seasonal diary, which gives you a top-level view of any jobs you need to do in your garden to keep it growing well.

4. I either e-mail the Garden Survey to you or I can come and deliver it to you and talk you though it. You can then decide if you want to take it further. This doesn’t have to be decided straight away, you can wait till you are ready to take your garden to the next stage and get back in touch.

The cost:
The Garden Survey costs start from £350 depending on the size of the garden. This includes a visit to your garden, taking soil samples so you know your soil acidity. A Garden Pack with a scaled plan of your garden and a full breakdown of the plants you have in your garden as well as a diary of care for them over the year.

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