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Design proposal

Together we'll create a proposal for how you can get the most out of your garden, including a full detailed design.
Or we could deliver a simple planting design for an existing space. Plus, we can provide you with a monthly planner telling you what garden tasks you should be doing and how to do them.
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Here's how it would work:


1. It starts with a phone conversation to talk about what you're looking for and to learn more about you and your garden.

2. We'll arrange a time to meet and see your garden. In this meeting we talk through your aims and any particular issues you have. At this point, we'll also talk about your budget as this will affect the design. After this meeting I will email you an outline of the costs to design your garden with an idea of the brief we have discussed.


3. If you are happy with the quote I then arrange to come back to do a full survey of your space. This takes a few hours, normally with two of us.

4. We'll provide you with a scaled plan of your garden and a detailed design including hand drawn pictures to illustrate the vision.

5. If you want to proceed, we can suggest contractors that we trust to deliver our projects. We'll liaise with them directly to get a quote and a plan in place. Alternately, you can find your own contractor. We can then manage the project with who ever you chose to ensure it's completed exactly as you want.


6. Once the garden is completed we can come back to design the planting scheme for you, source the plants through a trade nursery to save you money, and plant them up.

The cost:
Garden Design costs between £450 - £2000 (+ VAT). This includes

- a visit to your garden.

- doing a survey and taking soil samples so we know your soil acidity.

- a scaled detailed design of your garden along with hand drawn pictures of the vision.

Planting Design costs between £250 - £650 (+ VAT) - really depending on the size of your garden.

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