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Our giving back not for profit Sprout Up Schools

In 2019, Sprout Up created the award-winning Believe in Tomorrow garden for the RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival. It was the first ever crowdfunded garden at an RHS festival, and was one of the main attractions of the show, earning it plenty of press attention.

However this project was about more than just a show garden. During it we realised how much schools needed help, and very hands on help, to get their outdoor spaces in a better state with access to as much free or relocated stuff as possible, and so over lockdown Sprout Up Schools was born as a place where we could give back.
Our mission is to encourage more children to get outdoors and engaged with nature. In the run-up to the show, we conducted gardening workshops with five south London schools in which children were able to get their hands dirty, by growing plants and building elements of the garden. Once the show had wrapped up, we relocated much of it to the schools that helped create it - giving the children permanent access to their own green spaces and a lasting legacy for their community. This is something we continue re-homing as much valuable 'waste' from Sprout Up builds into schools that so desperately need it.

Sprout Up is committed to helping more schools introduce gardening to their students, so they can start reconnecting with nature and enjoy all the physical and mental benefits that go with it. If you'd like to know more about how we could help your school or community please get in touch. 


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